Exhibition / Installation

Partner Programme

18   —    26 Sep 2021

Multi-Disciplinary Design

New Contract Exhibition

35-36 Thurloe Place



The pandemic period has brought the stability of the systems we rely on into question. In response graduates from RCA MA Design Products present New Contracts. An exhibition presenting the ways designers are rethinking the contracts we have with fundamental social constructs of family, community and state.

This decade has started as no other. Against a backdrop of political turmoil, and societal systems pushed to breaking point, the pandemic forced us to wait. This was a time to reflect. The past year made us criticize the systems we rely on. Not just with technology but also the with the most fundamental social constructs of family, community and state. For the future to be better we together, as designers, need to rethink, reimagine, reset the contracts we have with the things that make part of our everyday. The world waits the ‘normal’ but the world has also witnessed just how broken ‘normal’ is. Things should - must - be different. What ‘different’ is and how ‘different’ works will be subject for debate but we believe that challenging “business as usual” is a good place to start. These resilient students have graduated from their bedrooms, kitchens and living-rooms but hardship is fertile ground for revolutionary ideas. Graduates are open for business - but not as usual.