The New Extraordinary - OPPO X RCA studio. Reimagining technology and life beyond the new normal.

Partner Programme

18 — 26 Sept 2021

Industrial & Product Design, Multi-Disciplinary Design

New Contract Exhibition

35-36 Thurloe Place




Mobile technology brand OPPO and the Royal College of Art collaborate for the third year, taking a radical approach to envision how accelerated technological and sociological changes can inform the design of products and ecosystems, enabling new values to manifest and opening new paths for mankind.

We live at the crossroads between a past that ended abruptly and a future that has not yet taken shape. Designers have the responsibility to keep up with these transformative processes and constantly reassess and reimagine the role of mankind within them. OPPO believes that sensibility and openness to new challenges is key to the humanising of technology and that design should be an explorative process driven by curiosity, ingenuity and sustainability. Recognising “The New Normal” and looking to the horizon of our creativity, we believe the design of digital devices and environments should embrace a humanist approach and look beyond how our lives can merely adapt to change but rather flourish through change. The past year has accentuated the things we are dependant on to live our lives. Not only technology but also the most fundamental social constructs of family and community and state. Our generation-old notion that the future is better is suddenly not at all certain. For the future to be better, Design should be questioning and imagining the contracts we have with technology, with society and state. Let’s imagine a “New Extraordinary”; a future where technology helps us to shape how we live, work and pursue our dreams.