An Exploration of the Aesthetic at Home

Partner Programme

19 — 24 Sept 2023

Craft, Interiors & Furniture, Art / Collectibles

The Bakery Art Gallery

6 Charlton Place


N1 8AJ

A group exhibition inspired by William Morris's words - "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." We aim to explore the importance of joy and beauty in everyday life and in the home, through art works, hand painted furniture, textiles and philosophical concepts.

This group show by multi-disciplined London-based artists explores philosophies around the importance of art and design in the home. The exhibition explores the value of colour and the use of different qualities of materials in our homes, how this affects our outlook on life, and what it teaches our children about aesthetics. The experience of aesthetics goes beyond the immediate visual impact to the sense of touch and even deeper into emotions. All of these things give feedback about the quality of an item - the craftsmanship and the kind of material. Our homes are the first place we experience and become educated in materials, visuals and how they interlink. This is a call to action to consider what you surround yourself with, and to question whether it supports or hinders your wellbeing. EVENTS - listed in chronological order 1. What: Film Screening from the 'Time for Beauty' series, written & produced by Vanessa Brassey and directed by EnvisMedia. When: 19th September 7pm Where: The Bakery, 6 Charlton Place, N1 8AJ Description: Across history, humans have sought to convey the ineffable, imprinting canvases with colours and strokes sourced from Earth's core. From ancient pigments to the intensity of blood, ancestors embraced painting to connect and emote. Yet, how do these strokes and hues mesmerize, conjuring emotions from joy to sorrow, nostalgia to yearning? The creators of National Gallery's acclaimed films, featuring philosophers and artists contemplating these thoughts amid iconic art, will be on hand at the broadcast of these film shorts. These films raise and discuss questions such as "Is Love Moral?" through cinematic explorations of Regret, The Sublime, Euphoria, and Time's role in still imagery. Free entry, a non-ticketed event. 2. What: The Joy Workshop When: 23rd September, 10am-12pm Where: The Bakery, 6 Charlton Place, N1 8AJ Description: Join our artists for a private tour of the exhibition with a focus on form, colour, light and shadow. Visitors will be invited to make their own works using watercolour pencils and collage, with colours and forms that echo the feelings evoked by the interior we have created. This workshop is open to all, and we particularly encourage families with children aged 3 and older to join us. Free entry, non-ticketed. Events led by: Rose Fulbright, artist and organiser/curator of the exhibition described by British Vogue as “The girl born to design.” Vanessa Brassey, a figurative painter and academic philosopher driven by the exploration of emotions, memory, and dreaming. Audrey Rapier, fine artist, is inspired by line and form, working with shapes, colours and the effects of light. Alice Gavin Atashkar, an expressive painter whose work is inspired by a childhood immersed in fabrics and ceramics. Felicity Royce, ceramicist & art teacher for over twenty years exhibited both in the UK and Australia. Please see The Bakery website for more information on our artists.