FLOOR_STORY presents new A/W collections, in an exhibition curated by Trifle*

Partner Programme

16 — 22 Sept 2023

Craft, Interiors & Furniture, Materials


Cairo Studio

Nile Street


N1 7RF


For the London Design Festival 2023, East London rug dealer and design house FLOOR_STORY, reveal new collections in collaboration with Amechi Mandi and Gill Thorpe, including a partnership with female weavers from Afghanistan. The new rugs will be presented within a curated exhibition by Trifle* at the Old St showroom.

AMECHI MANDI A collaboration between FLOOR_STORY and designer Amechi Mandi, sees 6 rugs and runners in unconventional, graphical shapes. The collection is defined and texturised by different pile heights, creating a sense of layering and depth. Tufted in India from New Zealand wool and viscose, or traditionally flat woven, the aesthetic is illustrative with a surreal almost cartoon-like feel. Directly inspired by Pesce and Hayon, Amechi’s style and colour choices of distinct pastels in pistachio, pinks, and amber hues, display an innocence and give a playful look when combined. Amechi refers to water and a childhood spent close to the ocean, through wave-like and undulating classic shapes, modernised with a graphical twist. Amechi’s own collections are inspired by patterns and colours drawn from his Cameroonian and Nigerian heritage, reflective of practices which evolved and were self-determined over centuries, by local, indigenous people. Amechi was first approached by FLOOR_STORY Head of Design, Gill Thorpe. Thorpe says, ‘Amechi’s use of colour and pattern really caught my eye, and I could immediately see his approach translating well, into an interesting rug collection’. CURB BY GILL THORPE Gill Thorpe reveals an ongoing intrigue into the nuances of patterns found in the every day. CURB - a series of tufted and flatwoven rugs, takes direct inspiration from paint markings seen across pavement slabs and curbs, within urban settings. Markings are often faded over time, colours bright yet distorted. Through CURB, Thorpe recontextualises her cityscape references into playful schemes and interprets patterns into borders for each rug, celebrating the beauty in irregularity. Thorpe once more demonstrates a unique skill for colour blending, leaning toward sophisticated earthy tones with careful and contrasting shades. VERSO BY GILL THORPE Verso unites traditional hand knotting techniques with visual references to the urban backdrop of East London. The collection of Turkish and Moroccan knot rugs is made by weavers based in Afghanistan and is part of a partnership with a local NGO, the objective being to maintain a steady workflow for the predominantly female weavers. Verso from ‘versus’, meaning turned or changed, draws on misaligned patterns generated and interpreted from unusually placed ‘manhole’ coverings. Verso is also a nod to how different types of knots are formed during making, but usually hidden at the back of the rug. These angular and graphical works of art from Thorpe, carry thoughtful colour choices of jade, brick, and burgundy, alongside lighter more washed out green, nude, and pink tones. CAIRO STUDIOS Cairo Studios – situated in Old Street and home since 2022 to both FLOOR_STORY and Trifle*, was borne as a collaborative workspace, local creative hub and effective home to an expansive collection of rugs and interior design studio. For the London Design Festival 2023, Trifle* will work with the aesthetics of each new rug collection, to build narrative and an immersive experience, dressing and redesigning the space to be refreshed and reconfigured ahead of the Autumn season.