Come Together: How Can Design Build Stronger Communities?

Global Design Forum

21 Sept 2022

Urban Design, Other

Victoria & Albert Museum

Cromwell Road

Hochhauser Auditorium




Supported by ExploreStation

In conversation with Alisha Morenike Fisher (Migrant's Bureau), Sophia de Sousa (The Glass House), Fara Muneer (Design Council) and Diana Ibáñez Lopez (MA Cities, Central)

How can design build stronger communities? Design has the power to create great and better places, to connect people and to empower them with enhanced confidence, skills, and a greater sense of agency. From community-led design to participatory and collaborative design, today many public and private organisations are transforming their processes to involve the public in the design decisions affecting the public realm. This panel will introduce the work of different organisations and practitioners putting people first to create more inclusive, accessible and stronger communities and projects.