Partner Programme

17   —    18, 20   —    25 Sep 2022

Graphic Design & Visual Communications, Art / Collectibles, Education, Other

Bureau, Design District

Peninsula Square


SE10 0QE


Want to explore your creativity & the world around you a little differently? Step into our world, behind a secret door in Bureau & then take on our interactive, Time-themed, trail around Greenwich Peninsula. Creative Quests is a community for creative & curious people worldwide. Will you join the adventure?

Time allows us to travel through all kinds of rich topics… ancestry, nature, technology, innovation, space, work, play, power, politics… It’s a powerful way to explore familiar settings in a completely new way. At each stop on the 12 stop ‘Timeline’ you’ll be faced with a creative provocation to answer… With any Creative Quest there is an element of stepping into the unknown - but you can expect to make contact with the future, listen to the past and experiment with everything in between. Creative Quests is produced by the team Channel Twelve and was created after founder Sam Furness took on a challenge to explore a new form of creativity every month for one year. ---- We also run an online programme: Creative Quests is a monthly adventure that helps you explore your creative potential, alongside a worldwide community of fellow Questers. Each Quest challenges you to embrace a different creative theme for one month, giving you a framework to fill your life with illuminating new perspectives on the world around you. If you want to know more or join their wider Quest programme please visit: Social media