Partner Programme

18 — 24 Sept 2023

Multi-Disciplinary Design, Education


99 Berwick Street




Are You Mad is a waste design company and conscious creative agency. This year for London Design Festival 2023 Are You Mad is delighted to present a hyper local recycling experiment.

Following on from last year's Are You Mad Carnaby Street Project, where we opened a shop on Carnaby street made entirely from one high street's plastic waste, this year we are bringing together an exhibition of artists and designers all creating objects and pieces of furniture from the waste generated from Soho, London. Collaborating with designers who's practice is already centred around designing from waste materials, we want to showcase these various talents as well as restrict their design source to be derived from a consumerist epicentre. Platforming creative solutions to the vast array of waste issues we face on our high streets within restaurants, cafes, salons, clothing brands, record shops, photo developers and cinemas. Look out for our exhibition space in Soho and come by to take part in workshops held across the design week. We will be hosting workshops focused on different material recycling solutions where members of the public will be able to have a go on our machines and leave with their own handmade products.