Cyber Folklore: Digital Exhibition

Partner Programme

19 — 20 Sept 2023

Digital, Graphic Design & Visual Communications

Art gallery

2 Casings Way, Unit 2, Fish Island, London E3 2TH, UK


E3 2TH

#LDF23 Digital design Metaverse

Step into the world of Cyber Folklore, a captivating digital series by artist Zhiyan. Combining Eastern mythology and sci-fi elements, it features static images, animations, VR scenes, and electronic music. Immerse yourself in this fusion of art and technology, where ancient legends meet futuristic landscapes.

I am ZhiYan, a digital artist from the South of China. I am deeply inspired by the rich and vibrant cultural heritage of my country, from the towering cave paintings of Dunhuang to the mesmerizing spirit festivals of Fujian, the exquisite traditional costumes of the Hani people and the lyrical beauty of poetry. As an artist, I find myself drawn to the dynamic fusion of traditionalism and futurism. For me, tradition and futurism are like two sides of the same coin. They help us explore the questions of where we come from and where we're headed. My art is shaped by this curiosity, and I strive to create works that will be a digital legacy for the future, bridging the past and the future with threads of continuity. This time, I embarked on an expedition to the minority villages of southern China to document the local architecture, clothing, dances, and customs. Using 3D software and game engine, I created a series of personal art pieces that capture the spirit of these communities. These artworks are the result of a deep connection with the people and the rich cultural heritage of the region, as well as a desire to explore the connection between the past and the future through innovative technology. This exhibition features my ten high-definition digital images from the "Cyber Folklore" series, the short animated film "The Spring Song", the sound-visual piece "Opening the Mountain", my immersive virtual reality project in development, and several unreleased works.London-based curator and artist Yuqian li will be responsible for curating the exhibition. There will also be a variety of stunning merchandise available for sale! In addition to my "Cyber Folklore" collection, I've also invited the artists from HeritageXeno, our cutting-edge art studio, to showcase some of their works as well. On Tuesday evening, we'll be holding the opening ceremony and a discussion event, and on Wednesday afternoon, we'll be offering traditional handicraft workshops to allow visitors to experience the beauty of traditional culture firsthand! Don't miss out on this exhibition - all sorts of artists, musicians, and art lovers are welcome to come and exchange ideas.