Partner Programme

23 Sep 2021

Interiors & Furniture

Tai Ping Carpets

85 Pelham Street



Tai Ping invites you to our drink reception celebrating the launch of our new collection, Transcendent by Jamy Yang.

Evoking science, art and physics, Transcendent nods to multi-dimensional worlds where forces transform, distort and fracture light or matter in dramatic patterns. Tai Ping artisans interpreted Jamy Yang’s ambitious ideas into a series of luscious, luxurious rugs. The set of designs has a precise, technical beauty that seems fluid in form — inspired by the Theory of Relativity and hyperspace. The theme is expressed in marbled patterns and dimension bending linear stretches showing Tai Ping’s mastery of the craft. Each rug uses a tightly edited palette of related, tonal hues that flow in surreal patterns with stretched out ‘spaghettified’ distortions, all made through exquisite hand-tufting.