Exhibition / Installation

Partner Programme

18   —    22, 24   —    26 Sep 2021

Interiors & Furniture, Other

Holte Studio

Unit G05, 16-29 Andrews Road,


E8 4QF


When designing kitchens we all know height x width x depth measurements, but that’s not the whole picture......HØLTE have identified a fourth hidden measurement: environmental impact

Using a pioneering environmental rating tool created by Danish consultancy Målbar, HØLTE have generated a set of hard C02e data for their kitchen products. Reacting against industry greenwashing, Holte are pursuing a position of complete transparency to both empower the customer's decision making and encourage consideration of the real impact of buying a new kitchen. HØLTE presents an exhibition comprised of a physical installation at their studio in London Fields and a supporting provocative film. By revealing this data, which is in parts shocking, HØLTE aim to encourage visitors to carefully consider the impact of kitchens and furniture in general. Visitors will be invited to consider what changes they could make to their lives in order to compensate large C02e expenditures. HØLTE believe measured environmental data publication should be a baseline standard for all products; acquiring the dataset is the first step of a long road to creating an environmentally responsible kitchen system. The kitchen industry is entirely founded on heavily processed unsustainable panel materials - HØLTE aspires to challenge the industry standard through truly innovative kitchen design.