DUXIANA Showroom - Open Studio

Open Studio / Showroom

Partner Programme

17 — 18, 20 — 24 Sept 2022

Industrial & Product Design, Interiors & Furniture


46 George Street


W1 7DX


Enjoying the comfort of your bed is the ultimate luxury. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible experience during rest. We achieve this through innovation. DUX technology enables the highest quality sleep, supporting your wellbeing and ensuring back pain relief.

To DUX, or not to DUX? That is the question. Research has shown that DUX beds perform better than ordinary beds. After 90 years of continuous development, we offer you a healthy, comfortable sleep, with innovative technology and sustainable solutions. With DUX, you invest in experience and high quality. CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT We have dedicated the last 90 years to improving our beds and we continue to do so. In depth research lets us achieve the goal of constructing beds that allow deep sleep, giving you the comfort needed to regenerate your body while sleeping. For DUX, innovation does not mean colour change. Before incorporating any improvement into our products, we conduct exhaustive research, allowing measurable and verifiable upgrades. KEEP YOUR SPINE IN LINE The DUX Bed aligns your spine to help alleviate back pain, distributing your weight evenly. Our goal is to let you rest in the correct posture. It is only possible when your body is supported along its entire length. DYNAMIC SUPPORT You never stay perfectly still while sleeping. That is why you need a dynamic bed to contour all your movements at night. The revolutionary DUX spring system adjusts itself to the weight and shape of your body. It moves as you move, providing continuous support and letting your blood circulate freely while your muscles relax. THE CUSTOMISABLE SUPPORT SYSTEM We believe that every body is unique and that there is nothing more personal than a bed. That is why we came up with our patented Pascal Customisable Support System in which each spring has been carefully designed to become a tiny mechanical wonder. DUX beds have interchangeable cassettes of different spring tensions that lets you custom-configure the parts. The goal is to match your body size and weight’s exact requirements and change them while you change. REPLACE, RENEW, RESTORE Our component strategy allows you to exchange the parts, refresh them or upgrade. The DUX top pad is not fastened to the bed. The top of the mattress unzips to access the Pascal system and the dual spring bases operate independently. Since we design our beds to last a lifetime, we give you the possibility to restore them when they show wear. We also want you to access innovative solutions over the years to improve your experience day by day. TIME TESTED TECHNOLOGY We are continuously refining, improving and innovating our signature technology. Until now, the precise network of interlocking high-tensile steel springs has already stood the test of time. Our development works and we have the history to prove it.