Futuristic & Industrial Jewelry & Accessories - The warmth in coldness

Partner Programme

16 — 24 Sept 2023

Fashion & Textiles, Art / Collectibles


58 charing cross road



An independent designer brand One Forever London conveys emotions through jewellery that establishes a deep connection with the wearer. Its shape and concept are full of futuristic and industrial-style elements. The cold design reveals warmth, inclusiveness, and genderlessness. Pioneering aesthetic elements.

Conveying more emotions through jewellery is the central idea of ONE FOREVER LONDON's design. Exploring more diversified material combinations and continuous innovation is the direction that ONE FOREVER LONDON will continue to adhere to in the future. The designer Yizhu Wang graduated from London College of Fashion. She specializes in reaching the audience's/wearer’s heart directly through the shape of jewellery and the touch and state of wearing them. Her representative work SENSE MEMORY VESSEL was exhibited at London Fashion Week 2022. In the same year, she created wearable metal texture jewellery which is a series of ‘warm containers’ that stimulate the senses and store memories through different body parts. In addition, the special of ONE FOREVER LONDON jewellery lies in the highly customized service that is provided to the limited styles, so that customers with individual needs can find more self-identity and sense of belonging through the jewellery. Customers of ONEFOREVERLONDON can come from any age, skin colour, and gender, but the same thing is that they are full of personality and vitality. Today, with the diversification of jewellery development, ONEFOREVERLONDON undoubtedly provides a good choice for more people who pursue self and quality.