Kitran Moroccan Water Cup Workshop

Partner Programme

16 Sept 2023

Craft, Art / Collectibles, Materials

Willesden Green Studios by Chance Projects

96 High Road


NW10 2PP

Led by designer and maker Anisa Nachett, this workshop uses slip casting techniques to teach you how to make your own porcelain Moroccan water cup. You will explore the history of Kitran in Moroccan culture, understanding its material properties and then decorate your own cup using this traditional method.

This workshop is inspired by Anisa's Kitran collection which explores the relationship between traditional craft and the mass manufacturing of Moroccan water cups. Kitran is the Moroccan word for cade oil; a black/brown natural oil which is traditionally used to decorate Moroccan terracotta water cups. Known for its medicinal properties, it is believed that drinking from these Kitran cups offers the user health benefits, whilst the unique smell and taste is a nostalgic reminder of Moroccan identity and symbolises a ritualistic cultural experience. Her project aimed to deconstruct these cultural narratives through exploration in pattern, material, and method of decoration, resulting in a beautiful array of ceramics which blend the traditional with the modern.