Partner Programme

16 — 22 Sept 2023

Digital, Graphic Design & Visual Communications

T.J Boulting

59 Riding House St



An exhibition exploring how Found's research-based work can amplify our perception of the world around us. By revealing hidden complexities and visualising the intangible, this show taps into the curiosity within all of us. Through a series of works, Invisible reveals there's more to everyday things than meets the eye.

Found presents Invisible, an exhibition of digital artworks that challenge our perception and understanding of the world. By making the invisible visible, we explore what sensation, feeling and emotion might look like and how that can unlock deeper connections. Through a series of connected works, Invisible shines a light on our research-based studio practice. Employing neuroscientific insights, we reveal that there’s more to materials, products and subjects than meets the eye. Throughout the exhibition, you’re encouraged to look closer, see things from different viewpoints and engage with content on a deeper, more visceral level. The term Invisible represents our working process, and by deconstructing it across two distinct spaces, this exhibition reveals the essence of our thinking and craft. The first space immerses you into our studio processes. Via a large-scale projection, we present five chapters that visualise the key stages of our work. From form, material and lighting to feeling, emotion and sensorial response, this piece focuses on the intangible aspects of Found’s practice. The second space takes captured moments from this and presents them as collections which offer an intimate overview of our research and creative processes. Displayed in a sequence of three specimen boxes, these form a journey through the layers of a project’s evolution. Starting with the results, we look back through our craft, development and research phases, placing you deep inside the detail of our work. Both pieces explore how 3D motion design techniques can conjure visual representations of our non-visual senses. Viewed together, they explore how our minds can interpret what is otherwise totally invisible. Invisible is showing at the TJ Boulting Gallery as part of the London Design Festival this September. Join us for a thought-provoking journey through the invisible world of sense, feeling and emotion that might leave you viewing the world slightly differently.