Meridiani Open Showroom

Partner Programme

16, 18 — 23 Sept 2023

Interiors & Furniture

Meridiani London Showroom

10 Thurloe Place

South Kensington




Located in South Kensington, in front of the V&A Museum, the Meridiani London Showroom refreshes its look by presenting Meridiani’s iconic and historic pieces alongside the 2023 collections.

The very essence of Meridiani’s brand identity is international appeal and timeless style. Rich materials and refined finishes will be expressed through furniture collections designed by Andrea Parisio, Designer and Art Director. In natural shades, with touches of sand and sage, the colour palette featured at the Meridiani London Showroom has a quintessentially Italian influence. The expression of pure volumes, shapes and form presents a refined environment and distinctively elegant style. Meridiani has been embodying the core values of Made in Italy since 1996, offering elegant, versatile, and contemporary furniture solutions while maintaining their timeless, handcrafted essence.