Partner Programme

16 — 24 Sept 2023

Craft, Industrial & Product Design, Multi-Disciplinary Design, Fashion & Textiles


58 Charing Cross Road



Reflection showcases minimal and geometric jewellery pieces inspired by the moon, water, and petals with an interactive mirror installation in the designer concept store - Senspace. The exhibition aims to intrigue audiences to visit and explore the three collection concepts, products, and the brand’s value.

The exhibition combines the elements from the three concept collections. Inspired by the Japanese aesthetic value - Wabi Sabi, “A Song of the River” and “ The Blooming Moment” are the two collections celebrating the transient beauty of the moving water and the flowers in different stages of life. “Moonlight Odyssey is a collection derived from the fascination with the galaxy and science fiction, which is about exploring the unknown and the dream with faith. Reflection is an independent designer jewellery brand primarily focusing on conceptual, minimal silver jewellery and original pattern designs for textiles and accessories. Director/designer Airy wishes products in Reflection can be timeless wearable art for people. Since her background in visual design and the fashion industry, she seeks to make jewellery, incorporating reflection and moving away from traditional and classic styles. Airy has communicated minimal and geometric shapes through her visual language and 3D printing techniques. She sees her products as mini sculptures and wearable art, so she has designed the products with sleek and unusual forms in Reflection. Some of the pieces in Reflection have playful details that can be worn in different ways, making them multifunctional. Reflection would like to encourage the audience to discover the potential versatilities and possibilities of jewellery. Currently, the brand is mainly online and also has different channels to purchase from and you’ll find stock in selective stores across Taiwan and UK.