The Practice of Design: Teaching Design in Performance environments

Partner Programme

22 Sept 2023

Multi-Disciplinary Design, Education

The Salon

Bureau, Building C3

13 Soames Walk


SE10 0AX

Join Rose Bruford College, a world-leading specialist higher education institution, for an exploration of design in performance settings.

With installations, workshops and talks, expect a practical, creative experience, reflective of the ethos and approach to design for performance and the future of design in the performing arts and education. The evening will include: In-conversation: Reconsidering Design in Performance 6pm – 6.45pm Join a panel of industry practitioners, educators and students to discuss and reconsider the future of design for performance, including Toby Coulton (Designer and Scenic Sculptor and recent Rose Bruford graduate), Catherine Morgan (practitioner and educator) and Oliver Smart (practitioner and educator). VR experience All evening, drop in Immerse yourself into the world of dance via virtual reality. Experience an R&D project – a partnership between Rose Bruford College and AVA Dance company – designed to bring dance to audiences in exciting new ways. What does design mean to you? All evening, drop in What’s your definition of design? What’s your vision for the future of design for performance? Share your thoughts with us on the night, and see them displayed at the event. Experiment with Projection Mapping All evening, drop in Ever wanted to have a go at projection mapping? Have a play with a scale model to design and create multimedia projections, like you'll have seen at large scale events around the world.