Partner Programme

16 — 24 Sept 2023

Art / Collectibles

Greenwich Peninsula

Peninsula Square


SE10 0SQ


Greenwich Peninsula is collaborating with graphic artist Murugiah as part of London Design Festival in celebration of Diwali, the festival of light. This vibrant immersive artwork is inspired by the traditional Rangoli artform.

Artist Murugiah seeks to continue his creative mission to explore the connections and juxtapositions of his Western Birth and upbringing with his South Asian heritage with: Mirrored Cosmos - a vivid three-dimensional sculpture representing the interconnectivity of existence; a diagram of the cosmos. This larger cosmos reflects us, small universes suspended within an infinite one. The sculpture is a contemporary interpretation of a Mandala Rangoli. Mandalas are graphic representations of the cosmos; Rangoli are bright, coloured patterns, traditionally painted in the entrance of homes to welcome the Hindu goddess Lakshmi and luck, positivity and happiness to the household. These ideas are fused in Mirrored Cosmos, by creating a colourful mandala to represent the beauty of the perplexing Universe we inhabit. The mirrored surfaces reflect ourselves - small, confounding, intricate individuals, connected by existence - tiny cosmoses, within a larger one.