Store Store LDF Exhibition

Exhibition / Installation

Partner Programme

18   —    26 Sep 2021

Multi-Disciplinary Design, Other

Store Store

118 Lower Stable Street




For London Design Festival, Store Store will transform the shop into an exhibition which documents and celebrates the process, learnings, and outcomes from five projects that Store Store students have taken part in over the past two years.

‘Growing A Feast’ presents a collection of objects designed and made by students for a communal feast for the STORE STORE community. From the tablecloth, to the cutlery and napkins, each item showcases their learnings from workshops centred around the theme of food.‘Store x Ercol Summer School at Blackhorse Workshop’ presents a collection of products made by students using rejects from the Ercol factory. Students learnt about traditional wooden furniture making, sustainability, and how to create new products from waste streams.‘Digital IRL’ showcases a year of virtual After School Clubs that students have taken part in. From 3D software modelling to interactive coding and photogrammetry, the work explores how the digital world can be brought into the physical realm. ‘Store x Heatherwick Studios Summer School’ presents a series of seating designed and made by students using reclaimed materials. Students explored the social politics of chairs and learnt methods of collaborative design and making. ‘Sustainable Fashion with Liam Hodges Studio’ showcases work from an After School Club where students made their own yarn from recycled textiles and learnt a variety of crochet techniques in order to produce a range of fashion accessories.