Void by Dan Tobin Smith + The Experience Machine

Festival Commission

14 — 22 Sept 2019

Digital, Multi-Disciplinary Design

Collins Music Hall

11 Islington Grn


N1 2XH

Designer Dan Tobin Smith and creative studio The Experience Machine, in partnership with Gemfields, presented VOID; a multi-sensory spatial installation at Collins Music Hall, Islington.

Visitors were part of an immersive experience, travelling through a series of large-scale projections that showcased the expanded space inside gemstones and mapped the blurring boundaries between nature and design. A selection of Mozambican rubies and Zambian emeralds from Gemfields’ mines, which date back millions of years, were brought to life through photography of tiny microcosms magnified to become abstract, galaxy-like structures Accompanied by other semi-precious gems created in rare geological processes, these unique mineral formations were discovered, suspended and frozen in time. The installation considered the concept of containment and scale, employing spatial design to explore the natural borders formed within these unique mineral formations. By translating moving image into a contained physical form and scoring the experience with harmonised layers of the human voice – by female electronic drone choir NYX – visitors were invited to enter within the portrait of a gemstone’s natural inclusion. Supported by Gemfields.