A Rose-Tinted Future? Tiipoi Talks x Clove Press at The India Club

Talk / Panel

Partner Programme

20 Sep 2021

Industrial & Product Design, Multi-Disciplinary Design

The India Club

143 Strand, London

1st Floor



Nostalgia can evoke powerful emotions – appealing to our yearning for community and ties to fading traditions. But it can also be weaponised to divide – binding us to outdated values and an idealised past. Leading thinkers debate the role of nostalgia in design at the India Club, a historical venue at risk of closure.

Nostalgia can evoke powerful emotions. Designers often appeal to shared memories to create a sense of community and remind us of ways of life that are fading or that we miss. But nostalgia can also be dangerous: it can be weaponised to divide, it can bind us to outdated values, and it can be exploited to create, package and sell an idealised, rose-tinted view of the past. So how should we think about and deploy nostalgia today? Join us on 20 September at this interactive talk to debate the subject with a panel of leading designers, architects and cultural commentators. This non-profit event takes place at the India Club, a historical venue on the Strand that is at risk of closure.