V&A Project

17 — 18, 20 — 25 Sept 2022

Digital, Fashion & Textiles


Cromwell Road

Fashion, Room 40





Experience an entirely digital fashion shoot by Gary James McQueen and Simon Emmett. Immerse yourself in the virtual set and try on digital garments, then capture your look through smart-screen technology.

Step into an entirely digital fashion shoot, a creative collaboration between artist/designer Gary James McQueen and photographer Simon Emmett. Virtually try on couture garments and take a snapshot of yourself in Gary James McQueen’s latest designs through AI-powered virtual try-on. This display considers inclusivity in fashion, as all the looks are readily accessible through a smart-mirror or a chatbot and then digitally tailored to fit any size on the spot. Explore how new technologies can be applied to reimagine a more sustainable way to experience fashion. Creative artwork and designs by Gary James McQueen. AI virtual try-on and smart mirror technology powered by TexelModa. Virtual production by Shapeshifters. Lighting Artist Anton Palmqvist Supported by Epic Games.