Design Responsibly: Designing A Better Future in the Metaverse

Global Design Forum

25 Sept 2022

Digital, Service Design

Victoria & Albert Museum

Cromwell Road

Lydia and Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre




Supported by Meta

In conversation with Riya Patel (Curator), Edward Dowling (Meta), The Night Bus and Daria Jelonek & Perry-James Sugden (Studio Above&Below).

Exploring how design can not only address social, environmental, economic issues, but also contribute positively to societal aspirations beyond consumer demands and commercial needs, breakdown barriers and create a more equitable and tolerant world for all. • How can the Metaverse extend design’s capacity to impact social justice and positive human behaviour? • How can the design of digital technology support better understanding of our mental wellbeing? • Public space, ownership and the digital world: what does an ever increasing move to digitalised public space, in our physical spaces and the metaverse, mean for design? • What does digital public space mean for our notions of identity and self-perception? • What does a hybrid between ecology and technology look like and what are its implications for designers? • How can NFTS and Web 3 impact and benefit the digital world, design and its connection to the public?