DataWagashi: The Future of Multisensory Data Experience

Partner Programme

19 — 24 Sept 2023

Industrial & Product Design, Multi-Disciplinary Design, Art / Collectibles


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Cambridge-based designers, Tiange Wang and I-yang Huang present DataWagashi, a data-inspired confection design that combines data visualization and traditional Japanese pastry art, transforming data stories about environments, health and beyond into a multisensory dining experience.

DataWagashi is an experimental approach that transforms data into a multisensory dining experience. Wagashi are traditional Japanese confections deeply rooted in the idea of a microcosm of time and space. DataWagashi ventures beyond conventional data visualization and crafts a gastronomic journey that communicates data stories through multidimensional sensory elements like taste, smell, texture and touch. By blending technology and traditional craft, DataWagashi turns data into an accessible and immersive edible experience while inspiring recipe innovation for the time-honoured food. This online exhibition features an introduction, selected DataWagashi sets and a few recipes easy to follow, illustrating the process and power of transforming data into edible, sensory-rich Wagashi experiences.