Designing for the Climate Emergency - the role of the public realm and urban design in creating sustainable cities

Partner Programme

20 Sept 2023

Urban Design, Other

Chocolate Films Nine Elms Studio

66 Ponton Rd,

Nine Elms


SW11 7DA

Whether your interest lies with the public realm, built environment or sustainable design we each have a role to play as we reimagine a resilient & sustainable future for our city. Join us for a workshop & conversation around reimagining public realm and the role design has to play in the future of a Net Zero London.

The public realm and built environment hold the keys to unlocking sustainable cities as we acknowledge that the existing ways we plan and design are no longer fit for purpose as we ignore the challenges of health, cost of living and climate change. So how can we redesign a future with these issues at the forefront of the design process and what does that look like? Join artists, academics, practitioners, and urban designers for a conversation around the public realm, built environment and design as we focus on the challenge of the climate emergency. Come along as we reimagine together what our communities could become and how design can help us get there as we accelerate towards a net zero future. This conversation will take place at Chocolate Films' new studio within the Battersea district of LDF, part of the borough of Wandsworth, who declared a climate emergency back in 2019 and have a borough wide Net Zero target of 2043; and is hosted by Wandsworth Council alongside the Grantham Institute - Climate Change & Environment at Imperial College. Invited speakers include: Karla Rosales Garcia - Eco-muralist and interdisciplary designer Megan Hermes - Partnership and Engagement Lead (Climate Change) - London Borough of Wandsworth Dr Neil Jennings - Partnership Engagement Manager - Grantham Institute - Climate Change and the Environment at Imperial College London Sharon Molloy - Urban Designer - London Borough of Wandsworth Dan Phillips - Senior Research Fellow - RCA (Chair)