Mother Goddess of the Three Realms: Cross encounters, joining threads

Partner Programme

16 — 24 Sept 2023

Craft, Fashion & Textiles, Materials

Centre 151

151 Whiston Road

E2 8GU



‘Mother Goddess of the Three Realms: Cross encounters, joining threads’ celebrates UK and Viet Nam cross-cultural design and shared heritage. Led by WAX Atelier (London), in collaboration with the Blue H’mong craftswomen of Pa Co village (Mai Chau Province), and KILOMET 109 (Hanoi), supported by the British Council.

The exhibition presents the physicality and theatre of turning plant into product. Using rope as the medium and metaphor, cross cultural ideas and skills from a wider group of designers, architects and crafts people are intertwined. Collaborative artworks courtesy of the three creative groups will feature alongside a series of works, processes and ideas from a super lineup of UK based practitioners; Aimee Betts, Brian Turner, Camira Fabrics, Cynthia Fan, hardware archive, Hayatsu Architects, Lyson Marchessault, Nice Projects, People's Pavilion, Rocio Chacon, Ruby Taylor (Native Hands), Sanne Visser, Sitopia Farm, STORE projects, Studio Raw Origins, Troy Town and Yibing Chen. The installation at Centre 151’s is set across three spaces, the garden, tea house and theatre, which represent metaphorical realms; forest, water and heaven. In the spirit of knowledge exchange, part of the installation will be a dedicated materials and maker space that will host a lively programme of participatory events. Guests are also encouraged to take tea in the garden and stay for Centre 151 – VLC Pho Club on Wednesday and Saturdays lunchtime. Curated by Company,Place, the exhibition is supported by Centre 151, Camira Fabrics and the British Council, as part of their UK/Viet Nam Season 2023, celebrating 30 years in Viet Nam. Please visit for full event listings and workshop bookings.